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A busy week for me and I just need a good good food for me to regain energy for all the activities at work. A friend of mine gave us her master piece from her kitchen take a look below for the delightful sweet treat.

A sweet treat from my friend Tina

This was made from grahams crumbs I think she added a tasteful chocolate plus a candy sprinkle. The taste is not too sweet! Which is perfect for me because I should lessen my sugar intake for my health and for my baby.  A good point for me.  Another one was it is soft perfect for my braces. The chocolate and candy sprinkles compliments with the grahams cookie ensemble. The packaging was in a neat transparent food container and cookies were placed in a cupcake liners.

I ordered two dozen of these colorful grahams for her which cost 120 php each box. A good deal for a tasteful cookie. I also share some of these goodies with my Mom which she also said that they are good too.

My overall experience with this is I LIKE IT! Thank You Tina for the food that makes me happy this week :D 

After 5 years, 1 month, 6 days adventures and jolly moments as girlfriend and boyfriend. Angelo and I decided to became husband and wife. It was that day May 24, 2014 an intimate ceremony surrounded with our family members and closest friends.

The wedding was held on our home town in Angat, Bulacan. A simple ceremony on Sta. Monica Parish Church and the reception was on Angat Pavillion.

To cover it all up I just love all the memories happens that day. Thank you for all the persons who went by, specially to our friends who spent 2 days in our town. THANK YOU so much. Hope you enjoy that day.

Photos were posted on the official website at so check it out. Wait for the Facebook photo albums for grabs. Thank you

Readers, Do you have any wedding dream destination? Come share it with me in the comments below. 

Last June I started to buy lots of Lipsticks for just fun. I Think I just want to overcome my straight and boring face and apply some color in my lips would help me brighten up my look. I'm not a huge fan of lipstick before but now I think have a bunch of it is not just a must but a necessity. I created a blog entry of benefits of having a lipstick  here  so check it out guys.

So lets start ...

Pixy Pinkish Peach Satin. I got this from the BDJ box . The packing is somehow on a Misty Rose color and was really cute.  I got 3 of Pixy lipstick collection, but this one is my favorite one because on its sweet fruity smell. What I really Love about this product is that it is smooth and creamy on my lips that helps my lips feeling moisturized.

Another lipstick on the rack is the NYX Butter Lipstick on Taffy Bonbon Au Caramel Color (whew that was a mouthful). I choose this one because I tend to have a chappy lips this one is great the buttery side of it really moisturize my lips. The color is just perfect for everyday basis and it matches any outfit.

Last and final lipstick that I'm dying for this month is the Max Factor Elixir Lipstick on Bewitching Coral color. again and again I choose this one because it is hydrating to my lips no wonder because it contains conditioners and antioxidants which include vitamin E on it. Another good point about this lipstick it is highly pigmented. You can just apply just one coat of this one and it stays to your lips up to 3-4 hours.
smooth, creamy, and have wonderful pigmentation.

As you can see I'm inlove in pinky shades for my lips. I think pink shades are wearable in any type and shades of clothes. My 3 favorite lipsticks are not that too expensive there range are just between 300-700 php a great deal for a long lasting color for your lips.

Swatches of the lipsticks on my skin

 To sum all these lipsticks :

Readers, Have you tried any of the three lipstick?  Do you have color recommendations? Give me some feedback in the comments!

Hi everyone, have you been asking yourself why do us women need to wear a lipstick or even a lip balm? And why there is a problem on choosing the right colours that will suit them even there are lots of colours to choose from. Do you ask yourself these questions like me? Well I make some research and readings on lipstick and I want to share it with you.

So what's the magic with lipsticks and why some women are so addicted to it?

Here are the following extra points and information that you should know about lippies.

1. Lipstick moisturizes and protects your lips.  
That's why there are some lipsticks that have special oils in their ingredients that helps nourish your lips. Lip-glosses and lipsticks protects are lips from the wind and sun especially during summer and cold days. So wear Lipsticks and say bye to dry and cracked lips.

2. Lipstick makes your face look slimmer. 
 Defining your lips with the right colour draws people attention to the center of your face and not from the outline of the face therefore face appears slimmer.

3. Lipstick makes you look healthy and well. 
On those days that you feel lazy and tired my not so complicated remedy is to put on lipstick. It will brighten up your face as well it will make your skin look better. Also put on a lipstick that will match your skin tone will do a lot of change.

 4. Lipstick intensifies the colour of your eyes. 
When you put the right color and thickness of lipstick in your lips. Your lip colour affects lots of things it does intensifies the color of the eye, Brown colored eyes look browner.

5. Lipstick defines your mouth.  
We want people to listen to us, coloring your lips and defining the edges of it will make an impression to other people. People tend to look at your lips and carefully listen to you.

All in all lipstick are a great way to express our feelings. There are different colors to choose from and it has several benefits that can help people to be confident about ourselves. So go on to your nearest beauty shop and choose the best brand and color that will suit your skin tone. You can try to buy from Zalora here is the link and you can have 10% off on your purchase using my code ZJUL10 .

Readers, are there any benefits that i've missed? Let me know in the comments below. I love reading those comments
Hi Everyone! My name is Rayrose and I love doing crafts , experimenting on fashion also on makeup. I create this blog to be inspire and to inspire other people on the beautiful things that she can do to herself to stay confident. By Morning I am a full time Quality Assurance Officer on GMA, by night I am an entrepreneur owning the on-line shop etherealcouture.

Me with my Husband
I also inspired by my cousin’s blog , She’s doing a make – up , fashion blog that was very inspiring. For you guys to see her blog post you can click on the icon below.

By the way the picture posted here : I was with my Husband, this was during our prenuptial photoshoot. I'll be posting some random gift ideas and adventures with him too. So tune in my blog :D

Hope you like all the post in here, Random places that I go, foods that I ate and fashion finds to share with you. Thank you so much for dropping by! -Rayrose

Hi Everyone! Today I received a gift from my friend, who has a skill on baking pastries and cakes. Thank you Tina! It comes to a cute blue small box with a purple note on it. saying "Welcome back RR!!! #uberlate HAHA!". I think this should be a gift after my very long wedding preparation leave and post wedding dilema last May. I received it this ealry morning with a smile from her :D (how adorable).

Here is a sneak peak of it.

The box with it's purple note.

When I Opened the box and looked at the content. I was pleased, it was a  Red Velvet mini cake :D !!!( YEHEY!!) Happy kid again :D .

As you can see it was a mini cake, with a mouthwatering sweet and sour cream-cheese coating and a sprinkle of red cake bits on top.

After I cut it to taste. I discovered that it was a 2 layered cake. This was too exciting to taste. The over all taste of this mini red velvet is not too sweet it was just the right taste so for that I will give my friend a five star to the taste. For the cake it self it is a moist cake puffy cake that melts in your mouth. I give her a 4 star on that aspect.
for the packing 4 star again.

Here is the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for yourself that will brighten up your look on your Valentine's Day date! The  New Creamy Mate Lip Color from Bobbie Brown. It is a classic matte look that can match any outfit! It definitely gives your lips the moisture that you'll need. As you try it on it quickly glides your lips with it's creamy substance color and the perfect catch for this is that it is a light weight lipstick not too thick. But there is a question on every lipstick. "Does it stays long?" The answer is a yes! Approximately 8 hours of staying power on your lips. 

The two colors that I personally pic was the Pinky Lily and the NEW Heart colors. You can see the picture below that they are too cute to our lips.

 Color does not fade away to easily and it matches any skin color. You can order now online through their onlineshop at Bobbi Brown's Online shop .  Or easily Go to the nearest branch of Bobbi Brown here in the Philippines   Bobbi Brown is available at Rustan’s Makati (813-3739), Rustan’s Shangri-La (633-4636), Rustan's Cebu (+6332-231-5633), Essences Rockwell (822-9400), SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia.

Follow their Facebook account at Facebook . So Girls what are you waiting for be Confident with this new creamy matte lipstick for the coming Valentine's Day! Grab one yours Now!